Make Money Online Checklist

Make Money Online Checklist

I make most of my money as a web consultant, but I don’t like having all my eggs in one basket so I have diversified my online income. Here are several of the things I try and do regularly to make money online.

I’m also working on creating checklists for each one of these items, when they are available I will update this page with the links to the checklists. I will also update this list with new things I do to make money online when they become available.

Last Updated on October 25th 2011.

Facebook: Create an Ad Campaign
I make a lot of money creating ads on Facebook, but it isn’t free, you need to pay to run the ads. You can either pay per click you get or per 1000 impressions of your ad. It’s up to you to monitor which works best.

Basically I choose the latest affiliate products and try and target the ads to the people that I think will most likely purchase them.

Check out Facebook Ads.

Fiverr: Create a Gig
Fiverr is a marketplace where people can offer services or goods for $5.00. I have had a lot of success selling inter marketing and blogging type services like comments, guest posts, links and more. You can only post up to 20 gigs at once, so try and put a new one up every once in a while, and when you reach 20 remove your less popular ones and think of new ones.

Check out Fiverr.

Flixya: Publish a Photo/Video/Post
This is something I try and do everyday but if you take a look at my Flixya account you can see I’m not always successful but I seem to be doing better lately. Flixya is a “social network” that pays you to share content, either pictures, videos or blog posts. It ties in with Google Adsense, so you need an account at both Flixya and Google Adsense for it work, but they make it pretty easy to set up.

Check out Flixya.

Ghost Bloggers: Write a Blog Post
I write a lot of blog posts, mostly for my own blogs, and as guest posts for other blogs in the same niche. However when I want to write something in a totally different subject, I’ll usually end up putting it in the Ghost Bloggers database so someone can pick it up and I can get paid.

Check out Ghost Bloggers.

Micro Workers: Complete Tasks
One of my favorite marketplaces to find small web related tasks to get paid for. Get paid to tweet, like, share, write, link, search and more.

Check out Micro Workers.

My Lot: Participate and Discuss
It doesn’t really pay much if all you do is participate in the forums, but you can get paid to discuss just about anything. Can be great to network and do research at the same time as getting paid.

Check out My Lot.

Pay Per Post: Write and Post Blog Posts
Your earnings aren’t quite in your hands because you need to wait for offers from potential clients before you can make any money, but you might as well sign up and register your website(s) and they will send you an email when they have someone for you.

Check out Pay Per Post.

Swag Bucks: Play, Search and Answer Surveys
Swag Bucks aren’t real money, but you can use them to buy things in their marketplace, including paypal money, which is real money. Basically you can play games, search the web, answer surveys and other stuff and earn Swag Bucks.

Check out Swag Bucks.

Triond: Write Blog Posts
Another place to go if you enjoy writing. No matter what the topic is you can write posts and publish them, the more views you get the more money you make, you can even integrate Adsense but you don’t have to.

Check out Triond.

Twitter: Tweet
Right now, Twitter is where I make the most money, tweeting affiliate links. The best way to achieve success is to find a topic, create a Twitter account, build your following and then tweet affiliate products that your followers will want.

Check out Twitter.