And the Winning WordPress Theme is…

And the Winning WordPress Theme is...  

After months of searching, and trying hundreds of WordPress themes (premium and free), I finally chose my top 10 candidates back on July 11th, and now finally today I’m convinced I have my winner.

For about 3 weeks following my post on July 11th, I was sure I had my winner picked, and it was #9, the Notorious Creative Portfolio Theme, the main reason that one stood out at me was the footer design, but in the end even if the front page was really nice, the individual post page was lacking some key elements that I really wanted to be integral to the theme.

So this finally brought me to the winner, #2, the Capstan Business Premium Theme. Funny enough both of these finalists were the cheapest ones at $30.00 each, which is just a coincidence because I had set aside a couple hundred dollars for the actual theme purchase, but I guess this will add more money into my customization budget.

I want to thank everyone for their information, suggestions and votes, it was great to see so many people give me their feedback.

As for the new website, I’m lined up for a September 10th launch, so stay tuned!

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2 Comments to “And the Winning WordPress Theme is…”

  1. Ben


    3:27 AM

    Wait, so which theme is the one you’re using now? Lost me there, LOL. Regardless, I like the theme you’re using now. Very clean and professional. I bought something similar from ThemeForest for $35 that I use for my SEO consulting website.

    • Jamie


      10:22 AM

      Hi Ben,

      The website you’re seeing today is still the old one using Levo’s Theme from Theme Forest.

      I will be using Capstan, also from Theme Forest, for the new design, should be up and running on September 10th.


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