My Absence! My Return! 2012 Blogging Resolutions!

2012 Blogging Resolutions  

Well this isn’t the first time, and probably won’t be last time that I’m away from this blog for weeks at a time, but I’m hoping that it won’t happen as often, or as long as it has happened here in the past couple years. I haven’t had time to start the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog challenge that I wanted to begin in January, and I haven’t had time to update my Ranking my Blogs Case Study.

I won’t skip over them though, on Friday of this week you will get the latest update in the case study, and I will probably announce the official beginning of the 31 Day challenge early next week.2012 is here, and like everyone else I have made several “resolutions”, and I won’t go into details about all of them right now, but there are a couple of my 2012 blogging resolutions that I would like to share with you.

The first one, is post more often and the second one is post better content!

I have an editorial calendar set up, and have several posts already ready to go, and am working hard every day to make more. I really believe that content is king, now more than ever, specially with the latest Google search engine updates.

As you may know, I run 9 websites, but I also have some that are in the early stages and may grow in 2012 to add to that list, but I don’t want to rush them, and long before I do that, I need to have the current 9 rolling strong, I may even get a partner, but I haven’t found the right person yet, so that search still goes on.

I make most of my money now through affiliate marketing through social media or advertising, but I would like to concentrate on offering my own services and products, that would be my one main goal and focus for 2012. I will get into specific later this week or next week about the services I will be offering, and the product will only be born once I’ve got the services aspect going.

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4 Comments to “My Absence! My Return! 2012 Blogging Resolutions!”

  1. Amit


    4:57 AM

    Thanks Jamie for the great post ..Nice

    • Jamie


      7:12 AM

      My pleasure Amit 🙂


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