10 Things I Do On The First Of Each Month!

10 Things I Do On The First Of Each Month!  

I know I haven’t posted in a while, but it doesn’t mean I’m not hard at work behind the scenes as usual. I also haven’t started the latest blogging challenge I spoke to you about last month, but will get on that in about 2-3 weeks. Until then I’ll have a post on August 1st showcasing my top premium WordPress themes from the month of July.

Thinking about that monthly post I do on the first of each month was the inspiration behind this post because I noticed I do a lot of things on the first of each month, here are ten of those things.

    • Check the statistics for all my websites (and my clients websites).
    • Send reports to all my clients of their stats for the past month along with suggestions.
    • Calculate my monthly revenue.
    • Check out SmashingMagazine for a new desktop wallpaper/calendar for my computer.
    • Check out ThemeForest and download the free theme or template for the month.
    • Create my top 10 premium WordPress themes from the previous month post.
    • Back up all my websites.
    • Check my calendar and fill in the blanks.
    • Update my project tracker and set new goals.
    • Delete/Modify my none performing Facebook and Google Ads as well as Fiverr Gigs.

I like the first of the month because I get to see what I accomplished in the previous month, and know where I’m going from here. I also love the freebies from ThemeForest and their sister sites and the wallpaper from SmashingMag since I will be looking at it almost every day for a whole month!

What do you do on the first of every month?

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6 Comments to “10 Things I Do On The First Of Each Month!”

  1. paul @Hitachi Wand


    8:23 PM

    Interesting list of things to do every 1st day of the month! What i do is obsess about the stats of my website on google analytics!!!

  2. Alok


    1:34 PM

    Its really great list to do on 1st of every month and its good to manage your project work. Thanks for sharing this list.

  3. Andrea


    11:55 PM

    Wow you are a very organised person, I have to be more like that.

  4. Brian


    4:44 PM

    Great article, I”m going to start taking stock in what I’m doing myself.

  5. Bhavuk Khandelwal


    11:16 AM

    Hey this SmashingMagazine link is really cool, Nice Schedule of yours, totally organized.

  6. Tess Robinson


    7:27 AM

    This is an excellent article with some great suggestions. I would like to be as organised as you are but I’m not always so well planned at the start of each month. I have started using a program called Simpleology (not an affiliate or anything) that helps me start my day with a good plan and lets me stay focused throughout the day.
    I find that tools like that can really help productivity.
    Thanks for a great post.


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